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Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Boston Children's Hospital
Harvard Medical School


The Musculoskeletal Informatics Group at Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School is focused on solving pressing issues in pediatric and young adult musculoskeletal disorders through multidisciplinary collaborations between biomedical engineers, orthopedists, sports medicine clinicians, radiologists, and computer and data scientists.  Our research is guided by clinical observations and designed to assist with the clinical care of children and young adults with a range of musculoskeletal disorders. We strive to develop tools that can facilitate using clinical data more efficiently to assist with clinical decision making. We seek to leverage advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to personalize clinical care and to make it more affordable, accessible and equitable.  We are also focused on training the next generation of scientists at the forefront of pediatric musculoskeletal care and data science. 

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