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MSK Informatics Bootcamp

A hands-on training opportunity to learn about the application of advanced data analysis and image processing techniques (e.g. machine learning) in musculoskeletal research and clinical care.  During this program, the trainees will be assigned to a project and mentored by a team of researchers and clinicians to achieve the project goals. This training program is focused on:

  • Familiarizing medical students to advanced analytical methods used to process big data and medical images

  • Exposing engineering students to applications of advanced analytical methods to address unmet needs in research and clinical care of patients with musculoskeletal conditions.

Program Requirements:

  • Outside of coursework, we expect this to be your primary academic activity. As it takes time to familiarize oneself with a research project and to make significant contributions, we expect that students will be involved for at least 6 months (1 year is strongly preferred)

  • Minimum time commitment of 10 hours per week

Candidate Requirements:

Here are some values that we would like to see in you:

  • Hard Working: We expect you to have a strong work ethic. Many of us work evenings and weekends because we love our work and are passionate about our mission. We also value velocity, and like people that get things done quickly.

  • Flexibility: You should be willing to dive into different facets of a project. For example, besides developing algorithms, you may also need to work on data collection, manual segmentation, or manual chart review. This will also require going outside your comfort zone, and learning to do new tasks in which you’re not an expert.

  • Learning: You should have a strong growth mindset, and want to learn continuously. We will prioritize your learning and help point you in the right direction; but you need to put in the work to take advantage of this.

  • Teamwork: We work together as a team. You are expected to support and collaborate with others; in turn you will also receive support from your teammates.

We believe that having a diverse and inclusive team will help us to advance our mission. We value different viewpoints and welcome applicants form all backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives. 

Participate in our bootcamp:

Please send your resume and a short (2 paragraph) cover letter explaining why you would like to get involved ( We will review the applications on a rolling basis. 

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