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Research Focus


  • To investigate the normal and pathologic development of joints and tissues

  • To study the effects of intrinsic (e.g., sex, genetics) and extrinsic (e.g., physical activity) factors on joint and tissue development

  • To study the effect of joint morphology on joint function, risk of injury and response to treatment


  • To use imaging to non-invasively study tissue health and structural properties 

  • To identify imaging biomarkers to track tissue risk of injury 

  • To identify imaging biomarkers to track tissue remodeling and response to treatment

Injury Risk Prediction &
Treatment Planning

  • To identify intrinsic and extrinsic contributors to risk of musculoskeletal injuries 

  • To develop risk screening models to predict the risk of injuries

  • To identify factors influencing treatment outcomes to facilitate proper treatment planning

Pediatric MSK Care
Access & Equity

  • To study inequality in care of children, adolescents and young adults with a range of musculoskeletal disorders  

  • To develop tools to make musculoskeletal care more accessible, affordable and equitable among children, adolescents and young adults

Personalized Pediatric
MSK Care

  • To develop comprehensive multi-modal approaches to define individual patients based on demographics and health history 

  • To develop advanced matching techniques to predict health trajectory and recommend personalized treatment plan based on large-scale historic data

  • To develop comprehensive multi-modal prediction models to simulate treatment outcomes based on large-scale historic data

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